Hi there!

I founded Equisk with the mission of helping every rider be the best they can be, by providing solutions to some of the challenges we face on our journey to ride and train our horses better.

I hope you enjoy discovering the difference that Equisk training products can provide!

- Clara

About Equisk

In our Equisk online store, you will find horse riding training aids and technical equestrian equipment designed to support horse riders to improve all aspects of their riding. Our range is very popular with riding coaches who report significant development in their students' riding skills with the use of Equisk products.

As a dressage rider and qualified coach, our founder, Clara, launched Equisk with the widely-popular SteadyHands riding gloves. The first prototype of SteadyHands was actually made with gardening gloves linked together with velcro! Even then, the difference it made to Clara's riding students was amazing, and she knew it was a tool that had the potential to make a huge impact for so many more riders.

Clara has been blown away and humbled by the feedback from equestrians all over the world, including many riding coaches, who have told her how much SteadyHands riding gloves have helped them and their riding students.

Have a peep at the gorgeous reviews we have received from both riders and riding coaches!

Clara's second design was our RideStraight shirts, created to help increase horse rider's awareness of their posture and alignment in the saddle - because it has such an important effect on our horses.

Launched late 2022, the RideStraight riding shirts have also proved to be very popular with equestrians. This design actually began with Clara adding electrical tape to her students' riding shirts!

Equisk is Australian Owned

Equisk is based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia, which is where we currently assemble, package and ship our equestrian products from. 

Our aim for the Future

Clara isn't about to stop here! Her imagination and design skills are burning brightly as usual and she has a number of ideas in development.

"Equisk will continue to deliver more uniquely innovative horse riding products which not only help riders perform better, but also make training more enjoyable for them and their horses. Improving horse welfare through creating better riders is the main driving force behind the products I design."

Stay tuned and be the first to hear about the exciting new products which will soon be available to equestrians globally!



Our Founder

Clara is pictured with one of her horses, Zac, a retired off-the-track thoroughbred with a larger-than-life personality!