Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! We ship worldwide from Australia and the standard shipment times and rates apply.


SteadyHands Riding Gloves

How does SteadyHands work to improve my hand position?

SteadyHands is based on resistance training principles. As a rider, like any athlete, you have to engage the right muscles in order to perform. By providing immediate kinesthetic feedback, SteadyHands helps you to understand how to engage your upper and lower arms, as well as how to align your wrists and fingers. Thanks to that same feedback, repeated use builds new neural pathways quicker than without SteadyHands.

What level of riders can use SteadyHands gloves?

Riders from beginner level all the way to Grand Prix have told us that they feel that SteadyHands has been a great training tool for them.

Beginners will get to experience what constitutes a correct hand position without having to spend 1000's of hours in a trial and error process, drastically accelerating their riding ability.  

Experienced riders are able to use SteadyHands to experiment with small changes in hand position while getting immediate kinesthetic feedback. At the top level, those minute changes can make all the difference between a good performance and a great one.

Won't I become reliant on SteadyHands?

Not at all! SteadyHands is designed to build new neural pathways(in other words, habits). It is a tool to use as you learn a better hand position and contact, not a crutch to mask poor position! You will probably find that you will use SteadyHands for a couple of months at the beginning while you work on improving your position, then you might put them away and pick them up here and there for a refresher, or if you get a new horse, or you are learning a difficult movement and your body is reverting to poor habits.

Will SteadyHands restrict my contact?

To a certain extent, SteadyHands restricts your ability to move your hands - that's why it works! However, good contact does not require sweeping hand movements (except on very green horses, and we do not recommend using SteadyHands then). You will learn just how little you can do with your hands to obtain the same effect, and that your fingers are able to send clear signals while your hands stay steady. SteadyHands may feel a little restrictive at first, but the benefits you will get by pushing through that feeling are worth it!

How safe are SteadyHands riding gloves?

SteadyHands gloves are very safe. The gloves have been designed with safety at the forefront of the development process. The connecting strap is equipped with a centre release clip which comes apart easily with any fast or sudden movement from the rider or the horse. You do not have to worry about your hands being constrained if your horse spooks or plays up - SafetyHands will release quickly.

Who designed SteadyHands riding gloves?

SteadyHands was designed by accredited dressage coach and rider Clara Mehel. Clara is always looking for better solutions to riding problems and wanted to find a way to help her students to actually feel correct contact and hand position.

She worked with sports scientists to understand resistance training principles and kinesthetic feedback, and this led to the first prototype of SteadyHands, which made such a difference to her students that she knew she had to make it available to more riders. 

Where are SteadyHands made and shipped from?

SteadyHands are designed in Australia, made by our partner factory in Pakistan, and assembled and packaged in Brisbane, Australia. 

Are SteadyHands available in any stores?

SteadyHands are available at Taupo Equestrian Supplies in New Zealand, and we are working to partner with more retail stores in Australia and internationally  this year. If you would like to see the gloves in your local tack store, let them know, or if you are a store, get in touch!

Do you have more tips on how to improve my contact and hand position?

Yes! Pop over to the Journal and read our articles on contact.



Ridestraight Riding Shirt

What material and sizing is the shirt?

The Ridestraight riding shirts are lightweight breathable fabric. Avoid fabric softeners. 

Sizing is:

Extra-Small: size 6 AU + UK, size 2 US, size 34 EU
Small: size 8 AU + UK, size 4 US, size 36 EU
Medium: size 10 AU + UK, size 6 US, size 38 EU
Large: size 12 AU + UK, size 8 US, size 40 EU
Extra Large: size 14 AU + UK, size 10 US, size 42 EU

If you are not sure, please get in touch with us and we will help you out!

What is the best way to use the shirt to improve my riding?

It's a great idea to have someone video you, or use your phone to record your ride. regardless of if you are jumping or doing flatwork, you will get insights into how you use your body. 

These shirts are a great way to help your riding lesson students see how their body moves and understand their asymmetries and how these affect the horse.

Do you have more tips on how to improve my posture?

Yes! Pop over to the Journal and read our articles on riding posture.