• Robyn Fisher

    Robyn has competed at international level in both dressage and eventing. She is a UDSF Gold Medallist and has competed with the US team in eventing. A true horsewoman who puts her horses first, Robyn's favourite Equisk product is the SteadyHands gloves: "Since I spend a lot of time riding on my own, the elastic band is a helpful reminder if I'm not maintaining proper contact". We are very proud to sponsor Robyn as she takes on the international circuit with her horse Kingston.

  • Ellyn Parker

    Ellyn embodies our values of constant self-improvement and our horse-first philosophy. She has worked tirelessly to bring her off-breed mare to Grand Prix dressage, where they now successfully compete nationally. Ellyn lives in regional Australia and travels vast distances for coaching, proving her dedication to continuing education. Ellyn is also a mum and a coach, and keeps her retired horses at home, where they teach her young daughter advanced movements!

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L'innovation rencontre la formation équestre

Procurez-vous votre paire de SteadyHands, les gants d'équitation conçus pour aider les cavaliers à resentir un contact correct et à maintenir une meilleure position des mains


At the end of the day, it's all about the horse

That's why we get all those lessons, read those books, go to the clinics, watch the videos. We want to be better for them. Thank goodness, most of the time they put up with our shortcomings. But what if we could make it easier for them?

What if we had tools that meant less fumbling around, more lightbulb moments and above all, more moments when we feel connected to our horses in harmony?

This is our mission.

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  • Énorme amélioration


    « Les gants ont énormément amélioré la position de mes mains et je les aime beaucoup ! »


  • Excellent outil de formation


    "J'aime vraiment que SteadyHands me donne un feedback immédiat sur le niveau et l'équilibre de mon contact."


  • Fantastique


    "Certains des gants les plus confortables que j'ai portés ! J'ai immédiatement resenti mon cheval se porter mieux."

    - Selina

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