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Top 5 Books That Every Rider Should Read

These are our Top 5 Must-Reads for all horse riders, so next time the weather is keeping you at home, cozy up with one of these great books:

1. The Truth About Horses by Andrew McLean  

Every rider needs to understand how horses learn. We are teaching our horses something whenever we interact with them, and when we understand horses properly, we can reduce their stress and make their training so much better for them. This book is the 101 of horse behaviour and learning.

2. For The Good Of The Rider by Mary Wanless

An absolute must-read to understand those very basic principles that talented or experienced riders seem to just "get", yet can have so much trouble explaining. You can read "sit up, heels down" in every book, this book will take you deep into what you need to FEEL.

3. Horse Anatomy for Performance by Gillian Higgins

A very accessible book for an intro on anatomy, which every rider should have a basic understanding of. You cannot properly train a horse, especially for dressage or other performance, without knowing how their muscles work.

4. Dressage Principles Illuminated by Charles de Kunffy

A very readable introduction to classical dressage principles, easy to understand and with clear photographs to make the point. A great starter book before tackling the older classics, but thorough enough to be part of the canon in its own right.

5. A Horseman's Notes by Erik Herbermann

Beautifully written and captures so many concepts in an elegant, simple way that will stick in your mind. One to read and re-read, tab up, and refer to during your learning.

There you have it! What are your must-read recommendations? 🌟 
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