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Check our most frequently asked questions here, and if you still need help then please contact us at


We aim to ship worldwide and currently deliver to over 100 countries. If checkout is not working for your country, please contact us and we will try to add your country to the list!

We are based out of the beautiful Sunshine Coast, in Australia, and shipping to the other side of the world can take some time. We estimate up to 14 working days for customers in North America and Europe, although most packages are delivered within 10 working days. We can help you to track your order if you get in touch with us!

No problems - there should be a tracking link in the shipping confirmation email that you received after you placed your order. If you can't find it, just contact us and we will happily help you to track your order!

Customers in the European Union will generally have VAT/GST tax applied to their order, and sometimes a "handling fee" as well. We have no control over these fees and cannot estimate them, or pay them in advance. 

Please contact your local customs office for more information and estimates. 

If you choose to refuse a shipment or a parcel is returned to sender, we will refund your item(s) but reserve the right to charge a fee to cover the costs incurred of shipping, handling and merchant fees associated. 



All of our products come with a 12-month warrantee. If they break or fail within 12 months of use, please let us know, and we will replace them free of charge, with free postage.

We will also provide a refund if your product arrives in a damaged condition, or does not do what it is supposed to. You may need to provide us with a photograph to explain the problem.

We are so confident that our training aids will help you become a better rider that we offer a buy-back guarantee on our training aids - currently, we offer this guarantee on all our SteadyHands riding gloves and on EngagedRider resistance bands.

Before buying them back from you, we will offer you some guidance on using our training tools to get the most out of them. However, if you follow our guidance and they're still not working for you to make you a better rider, we will then buy them back.

Our buy-back guarantee means that we purchase the items back from you at full price, including shipping. The items can be lightly used, as we understand you may have tried them, but must still be in good condition.

SteadyHands Gloves

SteadyHands gloves are very safe. The gloves have been designed with safety at the forefront of the development process. The connecting strap is equipped with a centre release clip which comes apart very easily with any fast or sudden movement from the rider or the horse.

You do not have to worry about your hands being constrained if your horse spooks or plays up - SafetyHands will release quickly, without even having to think about it. We have tested this on hundreds of riders, including beginners and young riders, and SteadyHands gloves always release very easily.

We recommend that you look at our sizing chart here. If you are still not sure, then please contact us and we will happily help you! We will also provide an exchange free of charge if you get the wrong size.

SteadyHands gloves are based on resistance training principles. As a rider, like any athlete, you have to engage the right muscles in order to perform. By providing immediate feedback, SteadyHands helps you to understand how to engage your upper and lower arms, as well as how to align your wrists and fingers. A good position, and correct use of muscle groups, also means that contact is improved as the hands become steadier and more elastic.

Riders at all levels, from beginner level all the way to Grand Prix, have told us that SteadyHands has been a great training tool for them.

Beginners will get to experience what constitutes a correct hand position without having to spend 1000's of hours in a trial and error process, drastically accelerating their riding ability.  

Experienced riders are able to use SteadyHands to experiment with small changes in hand position and contact while getting immediate kinesthetic feedback. At the top level, those minute changes can make all the difference between a good performance and a great one.

Not at all! SteadyHands gloves are designed to build new neural pathways (in other words, habits). It is a tool to use as you learn a better hand position and contact, not a crutch to mask poor position! You will probably find that you will use SteadyHands for a couple of months at the beginning while you work on improving your position, then you might put them away and pick them up here and there for a refresher, or if you get a new horse, or you are learning a difficult movement and your body is reverting to poor habits.

To a certain extent, SteadyHands gloves restrict your ability to move your hands - that's why they work! However, good contact does not require sweeping hand movements (except on very green horses, and we do not recommend using SteadyHands then). You will learn just how little you can do with your hands to obtain the same effect, and that your fingers are able to send clear signals while your hands stay steady. SteadyHands gloves may feel a little restrictive at first, but the benefits you will get by pushing through that feeling are worth it!

EngagedRider Resistance Bands

We recommend the EngagedRider resistance bands for intermediate and advanced riders. We do not recommend them for beginners as a basic degree of stability and coordination is required to confidently use the bands. The resistance bands are a tool to improve and refine rider position and symmetry. 

The bands can easily be released by lifting up the knee with the toe pointing down. Due to the nature of the fabric, the band will not snap back on the horse's side. However, the bands are a training tool to be used in a controlled environment. We do not recommend using the bands on an unreliable or spooky horse.

We believe that fabric resistance bands are better, as they are more comfortable and more durable. They can also be easily washed. Also, they will not snap onto the horse's side if released in an emergency.

RideStraight Shirts

Have a look at our size chart here to help you decide. If you are still unsure, please get in touch with us and we will happily help you. We will also exchange your shirt for free if it does not fit as well as you would like.