Coach Review

"I tried SteadyHands on several different students and in every rider, it improved not only their hand position, but their whole overall position. The resistance band helps to engage the rider's triceps, keeping elbows bent, encouraging a more open chest and taller more upright seat. Every rider commented on how much more aware they became of what their hands were doing! By having quieter hands, they had to ride correctly from their leg and seat, which resulted in a more consistent contact and better way of going for their horse."

- Emily Breeze Equestrian

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Coach Review

"What I like most about the gloves is the safety release and elastic strap, so you aren't restricted if you need to get your hands apart in a hurry. I like the increased awareness it provides riders. I was able to use them on one of my clients in particular, who had a breakthrough with her realisation of reliance on her hands (Ieft in particular). I also used the gloves. I have been working really hard on my own contact and hands. I found that with the gloves, I had to be more aware of my postural stablisiers and core activation to keep my body engaged and not switch off. Once I took the strap off, I had a more consistent contact."
- Tash, The Eventing Physiologist