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EngagedRider Resistance Bands

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NEW! Now fully adjustable to suit riders of all shapes, sizes and fitness.

Take your riding to the next level with our EngagedRider Resistance Bands. These high-quality, adjustable and washable resistance bands come as a pair and are designed to be worn while riding, from right heel to left shoulder, and from left heel to right shoulder.

NOTE: SOLD AS A PAIR, you will receive two bands in your order.


Being fully adjustable, the bands fit riders of all shapes and sizes, from under 5' (150cm) to over 6' (180cm).

The bands can easily be washed on a gentle washing machine cycle, and the thick elastic fabric material is designed to last through many years of use.

These bands are sewn, not velcroed, and come with a 12-month warranty. The fabric material is much more comfortable and durable than latex bands.

Please note that these are a training tool, and are not allowed in most official competitions and warm-ups (check the rules if unsure).


Like all our products, we offer a complete 100% money-back guarantee if you try the bands and decide they are not helping your riding - check our refunds policy for more details.

Try them today and take your riding to the next level!



Polyester and latex

Shipping & Returns

Next-day shipping on all orders.

Covered by our 100% money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty.


One size fits all.

Care Instructions

Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle at 30°C. Do not use fabric softeners or tumble dry. Line dry out of the direct sun.

How Do They Help

Resistance bands are being increasingly used by riding coaches, especially biomechanics coaches or those with physiotherapy backgrounds, as we understand how important they are in helping riders engage the correct muscle chains.

You will immediately feel an increased awareness of your asymmetries and weaker muscle groups while wearing the bands. After even 10 - 15 minutes of riding in the bands, most riders report feeling increased muscle fatigue as a result of consistently engaging the correct muscles. You can start wearing them for longer periods as you become stronger.

Long-term, they will help you to be a straighter, more stable rider. Your position will improve and become more effective. Advanced riders may use them especially to correct crookedness in lateral movements, flying changes and even piaffe/passage.

Riders of all levels will find them helpful in noticing and addressing differences between riding on the right rein and the left rein at all paces.

How to Use the EngagedRider Resistance Bands

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
sara hills

love my bands . been so helpful for many riders

Katherine Harvey
Resistance bands

I have found the resistance bands to be a great help with stabilising and improving my position.

Kate Caldwell

Great product, they really help your riding posture

Jess & Elliot
Absolutely Amazing Product

I was skeptical and read all the reviews before purchase. Being a professional rider doesn’t stop me for forming bad habits - uneven and twisted in my body. These bands have been amazing for identifying the issues and allow me to quickly correct them as they happen. They are super easy to get out of and don’t cause any safety concern at all.
Postage was super fast, received them in just 3 days.
Thanks so much and look forward to more great products to come 😊

Hi Jess, thank you for the review and the picture of your beautiful horse! We're so glad to be able to help fellow professional riders to correct bad habits which can happens so easily when riding alone! Very happy to hear that the bands are helping you! :)

Totally worth it!!

I am in love with these! Noticed a huge difference in just one ride! Me and my trainers love them! Highly recommend for people who struggle with uneven shoulders, or leaning! Also keeps me in line shoulder hip to heal. I’m roughly 5’4 and they are the perfect length for me in my saddle!

Hi Mara, wow, thanks for the lovely feedback! Yes they're fantastic for leaning in or unevenness, very glad you've been able to feel the benefit of using them :)